Univer Unique products (Telescopic cylinders)

Univer Unique products (Telescopic cylinders)

In recent years Univer technology and products of (Cylinders, High-Tech, Valves, Air treatment, Pneumatic Power Clamps, Electric Power Clamps) have provided the automotive industry with outstanding support.

Recently Univer has been developing a complete and comprehensive series of pneumatic and electric toggle lever clamps for robot welding lines.

Also Univer has been developing over the years, Air Solenoid Valve, Air Cylinder, Hydraulic Solenoid valves, Air Actuated Valve, Electric Valve, Pressure Valves, and Pneumatic Cylinder

Telescopic cylinders are one of Univer’s unique developments.

Telescopic cylinders have been around for many years. The main power source is hydraulic. Pneumatic versions are not so common. They are usually single acting, using the weight of the item being moved to provide the power for the return stroke.

Univer has developed a unique Telescopic cylinder.

It is double acting, and the return stroke is powered by air which is directed through the various stages of extrusion.

Telescopic Cylinder is available in two and three stage versions. Univer has also made good progress in the reducing the overall length of the cylinder.

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