SMC Pneumatics was founded in Japan in 1959, building a reputation for innovation, along with cost effective, quality pneumatic products. They are a leader in pneumatic control equipment and continue to develop at their state of the art research and development facility in Tsukuba, Japan. Here, product development specifically meets market and user requirements.

European Electronics is a distributor for more than 630,000 SMC pneumatic control products.

These products include: Linear Actuators, Guided Actuators, Electric Actuators, Grippers and Escapements, Vales and Manifolds, Connectors, Airline Equipment, Instrumentation, Vacuum Products and specialist Clean Room Products like Industrial Filters, Ionizers and Thermo Control units.

SMC pneumatic products are found in most industries including rail, automotive, electronics, off shore, pharmaceutical, food and packaging. They are also used throughout industry for motion control, to control fluids like gas, liquid, steam and vacuum and to also control and monitor temperature. SMC's pneumatic and control product range meets the needs of the most demanding automation and looks to future technology requirements.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 55-CDQ2F16-10D 55-CDQ2F16-10D View
#2 AC40-F04D-I124 AC40-F04D-I124 View
#3 AFD40-F04 AFD40-F04 View
#4 AMD-EL250 AMD-EL250 View
#5 AR20-F02-1 AR20-F02-1 View
#6 ARJ210-M5BG ARJ210-M5BG View
#7 AS2051F-08D AS2051F-08D View
#8 ASP430F-F02-06S ASP430F-F02-06S View
#9 ASV310F-02-06S ASV310F-02-06S View
#10 AXT661-40A-10 AXT661-40A-10 View
#11 C65-32PS C65-32PS View
#12 C85F12-40 C85F12-40 View
#13 C85N16-80-XB6 C85N16-80-XB6 View
#14 C85Y20-50S C85Y20-50S View
#15 C92SDT40-25 XV=107,5 ISO C92SDT40-25 XV=107,5 ISO View
#16 C95SDB200-200 C95SDB200-200 View
#17 C95SDT63-150 C95SDT63-150 View
#18 CD55B63-90M CD55B63-90M View
#19 CD76E40-100-A CD76E40-100-A View
#20 CD85KN10-10-A CD85KN10-10-A View
#21 CD85N12-25C-B CD85N12-25C-B View
#22 CD85N20-200C-A CD85N20-200C-A View
#23 CD85N25-25C-B-XC6A CD85N25-25C-B-XC6A View
#24 CD85WE20-80C-B CD85WE20-80C-B View
#25 CDJ2B16-90-B CDJ2B16-90-B View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 26,862
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