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Honeywell focus the core of its business upon energy efficiency, ultimately helping create cleaner and betetr used energy. As a result it's products include solar panels devices, energy management solutiuons and turbochargers (that produce more power, whilst using less fuel). Honeywell's energy portfolio spans multiple industries including: transportation, commercial buildings, industrial and residential.

A product of particular note for residential applications is Enovate® Blowing Agent, a form of highly efficient insulation. Homes have benefitted from energy saving of 40%, compared to those insulated with fiberglass.

A further product of note is Honeywell's "Evohome" system - a wireless, zoned thermosat for the home. Evohome allows you to control the occupied areas of your home at a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature. This gives you maximum comfort combined with maximum energy saving.

Additionally, Honeywell are major players within the security and safety industries. For example, Honeywells' Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is the size of a fingernail, lightweight and is a key component of nearly all precision strike weapons for military applications. There is also a range of highly discrete sensors that can be added to valuable items, that sends out a signal once moved. THere are enfless applications for this alone.

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(FSC) Fail Safe Controls Comms Boards..
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Relay Card..
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Honeywell Relay PCB..
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Honeywell MP400 MK2 Controller..
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Processor Card..
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Honeywell DR1000 Main Board..
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Honeywell Monitoring PCB..
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IPC Monitor Loader..
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Honeywell Chart Recorder Input PCB..
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Honeywell CPU Board..
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Power Supply Unit..
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21"" Colour Monitor..
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Honeywell High Level Analog Input PCB..
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Honeywell Analog Input High Level / STI Input MU-TAIH02 Termination Assembly PCB..
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